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  • Sol
    "Dave Van Ronk Street"
    Sheridan Square NY 10014 New York

O Moon Queen of Night on Earth

Jonathan Richman 

Vapor Records 

Tracklist :

- Oh Moon, Queen of Night on Earth
- These Bodies That Came to Cavort
- If You Want to Leave Our Party Just Go
- I Was The One She Came For
- Sa Voix M Atisse
- We ll Be The Noise, We ll Be The Scandal
- The Sea Was Calling Me Home
- Winter Afternoon by B.U. in Boston
- The Bitter Herb
- Sa Voix M Atisse (reprise)
- My Affected Accent
- Even Though I Know I Am The Wind and The Sun, I
- The Sea Was Calling Me Home (reprise)
- It Was Time For Me to Be With Her

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Jonathan Richman. 2010. Beau!